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Long Awaited News from The Colyers

Dear All,

Over August, ministry was quieter and our intention was to work more on CMS study assignments, although aware all four children would be home. We participated in the module “Introduction to the Bible”, focusing on the missional themes of the Bible. Kevin and I both prepared creative resources and made presentations on themes of Migration and Temples in the church.

However, the summer was harder than we anticipated as unfortunately Sam struggled increasingly as the time went on. We are sorry we did not keep you better informed although we are so incredibly grateful for so many of the prayer chains his needs went down this summer! At the end of July Sam’s chemo meds increased which slowly diminished his wellness, physically exhausting him and emotionally low and agitated at times. At the end of August his immune system plummeted and he struggled to fight infections. He was finally admitted to hospital for three days to treat cellulitis caused from ingrowing toe nails of all things!

The good news was that he received his GCSE results and we were thrilled that he achieved the five he needed to go on to do A-levels. Considering how much school he missed (since saying goodbye to the home tutors and returning to school in January he unfortunately was too unwell to attend school from Feb-April) we are all thrilled that he got particularly good grades for maths and English. Thank you for your extra prayers at that time.

In September, Sam was disappointed to only manage three days of A levels before he got another infection (again on his foot) and was admitted to hospital again for three days. Finally, we are thrilled to say he is getting back on track, after lots of antibiotics and his immunity is higher again. Please pray for his stamina to increase and his immunity to be protected. He is absolutely loving his A-levels (English Lit, Drama and Psychology) and he gets very frustrated when he cannot go.

Otherwise we have tried to get back into the new season and I am stunned that we are in October already! Kevin went on a wonderful trip to Canada with his father and sisters to see his fathers birthplace, as well as catching up with good friends there. Fusion kids club has restarted with good numbers again and more help from families in the local area.

As well as starting a new module on Church History at CMS, Kevin is looking forward to a new season of “Just Be” the contemplative prayer group, “Get Out of Church Sunday” outreach ministry and ministry to homeless in Reading among other things.

For myself, I am feeling rather tired from all that has happened over the last few months, as some of you may know my mum has been unwell too and has undergone many tests which has unsettled us all. Praise God, nothing sinister but she has ongoing health issues and values prayer too! Consequently, I am going to take a pause from this term’s study so that I can catch my breath a bit. CMS are very supportive of me postponing this module for a year. My intention would be to start-up again in January with “Pastoral Care and Ethics”.

It has been far too long since our last update, so please forgive us as it in no way reflects how we value your partnership and prayer support for our ministry. I am sure we have said this before, but really hope it wont be so long next time!

Much love,

Nicki and Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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