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August 2018 News from the Colyers

Dear All,

What an exciting couple of months we have had. We have just about recovered and feel like we are now at home in Maidenhead after the wondrous upheaval of the last months.

The short version: We are well and loving living in our new house in Maidenhead and Kevin’s ‘vicaring’ is going smoothly!

Ordination was an amazing moment, both holy and joyful at the same time. We were all overwhelmed at many moments especially by so many good friends and family who joined us for the service and fun Hog-Roast party after. Thanks once again for all who travelled so far and also for the many helpers who made it happen. Thanks also to Nicki who made it happen in such a busy period.

We went from roasting hogs to roasting in the heatwave over the next few weeks. I learned very quickly that vicar clothes are not worn for pleasure or utility! At least not in 30 degree heat that is! To be honest the house move was hard enough in the heat. The week of moving passed and was followed with an intense week of introductions and ministry for Kevin. Fortunately as the holidays arrived it has all calmed down and we have unpacked and settled ourselves into work and life here.

Nicki started her shuttle runs to the schools back in Woodley and discovered that the traffic is not anything like as bad as we feared. Ellie completed another week of work experience at a vets and is now focused on selecting universities to study veterinary science. She had a wonderful week of intensive puppetry with the One Way Puppet Academy, returning exhilarated and with improved skills.

Sam is doing really well. His health returns bit by bit and the contrast month by month is wonderful. He will be looking for a local job soon so please pray he finds something suitable, flexible enough and confidence building.

Luc and Josh are super happy and love the new house, especially with the new ‘den’ off the kitchen that we have made a three metre long desk in front of the window for them to play and draw at.

Pluto has taken to the new house really well. He has spent a few weeks in the care of a friend and her numerous dogs during the moving week and our holiday in Norfolk and has come back more socially well adjusted. He is growing into a delightful dog and many people we meet out walking remark on him.

I (Kevin) am really enjoying my new role. The churches I am working in are great and very welcoming. I am starting to find my feet and learning some new skills in the area of funerals already. I seem to be going down well, especially in the family services that I have been leading and preaching in. I particularly enjoyed dangling buckets from the rafters of the church!

I am starting to get an idea of what duties the church will require of me (including ‘rebooting’ a toddlers group!) and starting to listen to the area. I am still asking and listening to God for what the bigger picture of what he is wanting me to do is. I am trying to take my time to listen before jumping in too quickly.

We would really appreciate your prayers for us all. This year, which started with Sam’s hospitalisation, has been quite stressful in both negative and positive ways. Please pray for:

  • Sam, for a job and continued health and confidence.
  • Nicki, for continued rest and rooting herself in Maidenhead.
  • Ellie, for her studies, puppetry and university plans
  • Luc and Josh, for new friends here in Maidenhead
  • Kevin, to grasp his new job quickly and be effective in mission and pioneering.

We look forward to hearing from you all and catching up with you soon.


Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

  1. Look here for some general photos of us!
  2. Please add any ordination photos you have taken here

One comment on “August 2018 News from the Colyers

  1. Hi Guys, Great you are all doing well in Maidenhead. Jo, the boys and I would love to catch but I appear to have lost your number when getting new phone. My number is 07958571084

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