August 2018 News from the Colyers

Dear All, What an exciting couple of months we have had. We have just about recovered and feel like we are now at home in Maidenhead after the wondrous upheaval of the last months. The short version: We are well and loving living in our new house in Maidenhead and Kevin’s ‘vicaring’ is going smoothly! […]

Spring News from the Colyers

Click here for more photos Dear friends, Spring for everyone has been long in coming this year. We are no exceptions! Following our rather traumatic Christmas hospital extravaganza with Sam we all went through cold after cold with some flu thrown in as well. It has been a long winter. However, not without its bright […]

November News Update 2017

Dear Friends, We have good news to announce to you! Kevin has been offered a curacy with the church of St Peter’s in Maidenhead, starting next summer after Kevin completes his training. We are really delighted to have found a great church local enough that although we will move house, we need not take the kids […]

Blazing Hot June News from the Colyers

Dear Friends, Apart from nearly melting in the heat of my study (36 degrees Celsius before I escaped last week) we have been enjoying the surely brief summery weather! Hope you have too. We have have a new member of our family: Marvel our new rescue puppy joined us eight weeks ago. Apparently 15 years […]

Almost Spring 2017 News from The Colyers

Dear Friends, The last months have been really hectic with a busy Christmas, kid’s mocks, wider-family health issues (aside from ongoing kids issues), college, work and new projects. We have just about squeezed a weekend away in for Nicki and myself, but have not found time to write newsletters! Sorry! Work has been increasingly fruitful. […]

Long Awaited News from The Colyers

Dear All, Over August, ministry was quieter and our intention was to work more on CMS study assignments, although aware all four children would be home. We participated in the module “Introduction to the Bible”, focusing on the missional themes of the Bible. Kevin and I both prepared creative resources and made presentations on themes of […]

July Jottings from the Colyers

Dear Friends, We have had a wonderful couple  of months but incredibly busy! We are all well and healthy. Sam has finished all his GCSEs. We are very proud of him, he has worked hard. He’s enjoying a well-earned break! Thank you for all your prayers for him over the past few months. Kevin has […]