How we are funded

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Our funding

As for us, we have both embraced this way of living. Our goal is to meet our living and ministry expenses through a strong team of financial partners contributing at whatever level and frequency they can. Without this team we could not do the work we do do. This is why we refer to them as Partners in the work: altogether we do this work for God. We always wish to say a big THANK YOU to the team!

We also recognise our accountability to those who make it possible to be here. We consult with our financial team from time to time (every two years and also regarding major decisions such as coming to Brussels). We also submit our proposed budget to them. It really helps us to know that our partners can comment on our spending this way.

Currently, we have a group of about 30-40 supporters, most of whom give through regular monthly donations. In the Euro zone this means a regular transfer to our bank account in Belgium. In the UK it is possible to set up standing orders to our UK bank (we transfer it here once a month). In order to be more tax efficient, UK tax payers can also give via Stewardship services who route the money direct to us, and are allowed under UK law to reclaim tax paid on the gift.

What are our current needs?

Our current needs in Belgium are different from our previous time in UK and our budget has changed now we are here. With the birth of the twins and resulting change in our family circumstances we moved out of the YWAM building and it’s subsidised rent. we now live two kilometres away in a larger accommodation. We also have more mouths to feed now!

Our continual problem has been the long fall in the Sterling to Euro exchange rate. This has eaten away at our Euro balance year by year as the greatest part of our income comes from the UK in Sterling. We have increased the number of partners here in Belgium which has made a great difference. We are always seeking new financial partners are from time to time to grow our team. The other problem is simply rising costs and expenses of daily living and being a larger family.

  • Our current goal from May to September 2010 is to raise a further 790 euros of monthly income. This will enable us to reach 100% of our current budget and avoid having to dig into savings.
  • We estimate we need 20 new partners to join the team to do this. We have been very focused locally in our work recently and have not had the chance to develop new support relationships. We would love to be adopted or introduced to more churches!
  • We have to find funding for the ongoing English language education of our eldest son as he is due to attend secondary school in September 2011.

If you are interested in partnering with us financially please consider it prayerfully. It is very important that our partners are clear in their intention. Regular monthly support is the most usual form of Partnership due to the stability it provides. We normally ask partners to reappraise their giving every other year although just occasionally we have some urgent needs for financial help and may send partners some special requests for help.

If after reading this you would like more info, a budget, bank account, Stewardship trust account, Paypal etc. then please drop us a short email and we would be delighted to send them to you! If you have any other questions please ask!

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