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January News from Kevin and Nicki

Nicki sharing at Alternatives

Nicki sharing at Alternatives Christmas Party

Dear All,

We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and new year. We have enjoyed hearing from many of you and all that God has done in your lives over his past year.

Leading up to Christmas was a busy time, as I am sure for many of you all too. For me (Nicki) one highlight was being able to share the Christmas message at our mothers and babies Alternatives Christmas party. You can see me in the photo sharing with them all the story of the birth of Jesus. All of the ladies present were Muslim and some we have known for as long as six or seven years when they came with their first babies. Over the years it has been great to see a trust being built, as reflected in the comments that they make to us or the special cultural kisses that they give only to people they trust. We always take the opportunity to share our faith at Christmas and Easter. I took in our little nativity scene from home to share the story and particularly dwelled on the simplicity and hardship surrounding the birth of Jesus. Many of the women have faced hardships over this past year, times of being without and at least one of the ladies present had also faced homelessness and emotional turmoil. I had felt very nervous leading up to doing the talk and I knew that many were praying about it. There was such a peace in the room and it was wonderful to see them nodding when I said that God understands all that they go through. Please keep praying for them.

Leading into this new year I am feeling a mixture of emotions but the main one is excitement for what God has ahead for us. The start of my handover of my various roles in Alternatives has been a very encouraging and satisfying process as the current leadership team has risen to new challenges and two new members will be joining them to share the load. I will work alongside them in the next few months but am so excited about how God is going to take this ministry on. Please pray particularly for the fresh publicity going out for Alternatives in January and the work on a new website. (STOP PRESS: The advertising agent we used, Clear Channel, have abruptly lost the contract for the Metro advertising. Please pray this will offer us better and cheaper opportunities to us to advertise with the new agency replacing them. We are pleased as we felt it was time for a shake up.)

As we wind down here, we need to start to prepare more intensively for our move in April. Kevin already is working two days a week with the Fresh Expressions movement from Brussels. He is busy writing resources for them and will be meeting with the Fresh Expressions team in the UK each month from now on. He will tie this in with any arrangements for our move.

Earlier on this year we felt God challenge us that it was “time to get out of the boat”. The time is getting closer when we need to step over the side of the boat and walk on the water! Please join us in praying that 2014 will be a year to fix our eyes on Jesus and not the waves beneath us.

God bless you and as ever thank you for your faithfulness to us.


Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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Autumn Witterings from Kevin and Nicki in Brussels

Dear All,


Nicki helping with children’s work at YWAM’s 30th celebration (click for more pictures)

September and October are always months of intense activity as the whole city wakes up after a summer slumber. It is no different for us! The kids went back to school, with Ellie to secondary school in French with Dutch immersion. She has found it a challenging time particularly as she has needed to make an entirely new friendship network, which when considering the transition time ahead has been hard.   She is making some good choices though and things are getting better every day.

Nicki has been fighting the dust and disruption caused to Alternatives by the big renovation project in the YWAM building that I am managing. It has been really quite disruptive to the work of Alternatives and with all the building work dragging on. The team have soldiered on however and can see the end in sight now. There is good news as a new YWAM team member, Lies (pronounced Lees), is giving two days a week to the Alternatives team so Nicki is busy training her up. Her English, French and Dutch skills will prove very useful as well as her nursing training.

The last two months have seen a lot of clarity into what we are heading into with the move back to England. In between the many meetings with builders and the architect needed for the renovation I was away a lot to the UK and Spain, meeting with other European YWAM leaders, meeting Pioneer church planters, visiting Reading and starting my two days per week secondment to the Fresh Expressions movement.

I visited Reading to meet with the church leadership of Emmanuel Woodley for further discussions. It is exciting that at the same time the church approached us to work with them, the small YWAM team started in the area too.  Whilst I was there I met with a group of 20 year olds whom I am hoping to form a Fresh Expression of church with.  They are a lively group, part of a strong network that the church’s youth work has formed over the last ten years. There is a growing sense that God has indeed some very significant  plans for the area.

Working with the Church and YWAM Reading will form a part of the work we will do. I have also committed to working two days a week on secondment to the Fresh Expression National Team (the group that is multiplying the movement). Fresh Expressions is an initiative of the Anglican and Methodist churches and now includes the URC church, the Salvation Army and the Church of Scotland! It is a very exciting time as fresh expressions of church are popping up everywhere. As many as four out of ten Anglican Parishes are starting a fresh expression. Do check out the website that is packed with great articles and interesting videos of what is happening around the UK and beyond.

My role with the national team is still being formulated but it looks like so far I will focus on helping YWAM integrate with Fresh Expressions, finding new churches YWAM is planting and being a catalyst to help YWAM in England (and in Europe) plant more churches under the Fresh Expressions banner. I also will be writing a booklet on relationship support raising to help with self-funding leaders in the Fresh Expressions movement.

We are going to Reading in just over a weeks time to visit the church and schools. Please pray we find a place to live and the right schools for the kids!  We will continue to be self funded as YWAMers whilst we start this season of working within the church and with the Fresh Expression/YWAM partnership. Kevin will continue the process of applying for training within the Anglican church for ordination but we feel that we should take one step at a time and at this stage are uncertain as to the exact timing of when (or even if) we can be fully funded within the Anglican church. Please pray with us as we take each step.

Of course that is not all that we have done in the last few weeks (it really has been very busy – the next two months will be quieter). We have also been doing local teaching, service leading, preaching, running Pain et Vin and a huge day of celebration for YWAM’s 30 years of work in Belgium. Busy times!

Till next time,

Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

Coming up…

  • 1 – 6 Nov:  Week in UK looking at schools etc. and visiting Woodley.
  • 13 Nov, 27 Nov, 11 Dec:  Leading Introduction to Contemplative Prayer sessions (Pilot programme)
  • 15 Dec: Kevin speaking in Vineyard, Gent.
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Post Summer PS’s from the Colyers

Dear All,

Water fights in the rain! (click for more)

We have had a wonderful summer this year. I felt like it was one that went on and on. We are all back to school now and it is lovely to still be able to go to work in shorts!

We went to the UK for a few weeks. The kids loved camping and never complained once about the rather excessive rainfall. Same cannot be said for our tent which stayed behind in a bin at New Wine having let in more water than we were all content with! We all gained a lot from New Wine. The kids had their own programmes and loved it. The freedom and fun of camping with a the church group from Emmanuel Woodley was shared by all of us.

Nicki and I also felt more deeply convinced over the summer that the move back to the UK is the right one for us all. We came to the decision that we will return at Easter 2014. I have more meetings this week in the UK to discuss the possibilities with Emmanuel church, Woodley (just east of Reading). I also will talk with YWAM Reading and then go on to have some discussions with Fresh Expressions to possibly be on secondment with them for two days a week. Please pray for these important meetings that God will continue to open or close doors. We will communicate again in more detail and explain the outcomes in a few weeks time.

Back to the now! When we returned we threw ourselves into a packed week with the Vacation Bible School that is run between several churches in Brussels. There were 110 five to eleven year olds (including Luc and Josh), 45 teenage junior helpers (including Sam and Ellie). Nicki was a “crew leader” and looked after a group of six children each day. I was up front in the opening and closing meeting and had too much fun winding all the children up! Several children made commitments over the week and as a whole family we were thrilled once again to participate. The other big highlight were the puppets which became a major spectacular this year, with a puppet theatre that we made, five puppeteers and multi-media! Phew! You can see how good the kids were on YouTube. I also assisted Willem at the end of August in running the Kairos course – introducing people from different churches and cultures to cross-cultural missions. Challenging Stuff.

For Nicki and I this season we have a number of goals. I have to hand over all my remaining responsibilities but also have the renovation of the YWAM building to continue to manage. It is great to be slowly passing on my national responsibilities and increasingly doing things that I feel fit my skill mix better and I feel passionately about. My heart is still for radical forms of church planting and seeing greater links between Fresh Expression and YWAM (hence the secondment opportunity). I will continue to encourage leaders of Church plants. The English lessons I have given at one church plant will resume in a few weeks and I will be teaching a vineyard church weekend a little after. Of course Pain et Vin continues and we had a very special meeting yesterday in a park sharing our personal experiences, then taking the Lord’s Supper together. It was natural to follow into a time of prayer for Syria. Even though numbers are not huge to these little gatherings they are always special in so many ways.

Nicki has much work ahead with Alternatives and the main goal is to find a replacement. God is answering prayers and there are some very strong possibilities. Please pray!

Till next time,

Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

Coming up…
9 – 13 Sept:  Kevin’s Week in UK
13 – 15 Sept:  YWAM Brussels retreat
27 – 29 Sept:  Kevin away with Vineyard in Gent.
30 – 4 Oct:  Kevin away in Malaga for Western Europe leaders meeting. Sam on School trip to Switzerland!
15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov:  Leading Contemplative Prayer sessions (Pilot programme)
1 – 6 Nov:  Week in UK looking at schools etc. and visiting Woodley.

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July News from Kevin and Nicki

The Colyers (click for more photos)

The Colyers (click for more photos)

Dear Friends,

Finally the summer has arrived after a long winter for all of us. A lot has happened over the past few months hence our delayed communication to you but hopefully we will see many of you in the next few weeks. We head to the UK this Saturday (20th) and will be in Stroud for a week. We will go from there to New Wine in Shepton Mallet and then four days in Plymouth (3rd-7th Aug), camping again at Riverside campsite. We are hoping for better camping weather than we had last year!

Thank you so much for your prayers over these past few months. The beginning of the year was indeed very difficult for us all but we are pleased that Kevin has returned to full health and we can all reflect on how much stronger we are in our faith and as a family through the experience. We continue to learn more about ourselves, our calling, our strengths and weaknesses… and most of all how good our God is.

The main thing to have come out of this time has been a strong sense that God is calling us to return to the UK and that our focus is changing as a family. Our heart and passion has increasingly been in church planting and we are looking at how we can be more involved in that. Kevin has started the process of applying for ordination within the Anglican church particularly with the Fresh Expression stream which seeks to start churches alongside the traditional church in radical and new ways. It is exciting what God is doing so check out the website to find out more (http://www.freshexpressions.org.uk/). The application process is long and complex so please pray for God to guide us if indeed this is the right step. We will be exploring some possibilities over the next few weeks in and outside of YWAM but are currently planning towards a return next Summer. Watch this space!

We are still very much involved here though and Alternatives continues to keep me busy. I have lost count of the number of buggies, cots, high chairs, bags of baby clothes that have been given out over the last few months. I have also done a number of home visits which are always enlightening about a ladies situation. I was very touched recently when I visited one lady and her young baby to deliver a cot. They had very little furniture and the apartment was in bad repair but as an illegal immigrant the landlord knows he can get away without doing anything. She was so grateful for my visit and indeed took a lot of time to prepare Moroccan tea. Hospitality is a huge part of her culture and I felt very honoured.

I have also been thrilled to complete The Journey post-abortion programme with another client. After six months of meeting with her it is wonderful to see the difference God has made in her life. This last client particularly felt her faith was awakened as we helped her to read the Bible, exploring relevant Bible stories. In her last session we asked her how she viewed herself now and she said “without shame and with hope”. Praise God!

Kevin is very much in the midst of handing over his national role within YWAM Belgium and the past few months have been busy with all that involves such as extra meetings to discuss the new structure and as he trains others up. His current role is being divided up between a team of people although the exact structure is still being worked through. He has also been very much involved in the preparation for the renovation project of the YWAM Brussels building. This has been a very complex and time-consuming task dealing with Belgian banks and architects often in a second or third language! Renovation work begins in August. By the beginning of September Kevin will have stepped down completely from the national level although still a YWAM Belgian member. Already this process has freed him up to do more things within his gifting as he meets regularly with people from Pain et Vin, encouraging them in their individual walks with God and meeting to encourage other church planters in this nation. He is looking forward to teaching English to Belgians again in September at one of the church plants in North Brussels.

So, we still feel God has a lot for us to do here in Belgium over this next year so pray we get that right balance of preparing for the next phase of life whilst finishing the current work well!

Hope you all have a super summer and look forward to seeing some of you soon!

Love Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh.

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April News from Kevin and Nicki in Brussels

Pain et Vin on Easter Sunday Morning - click for more!

Pain et Vin on Easter Sunday Morning – click for more!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the deluge of emails full of kind words and concern for us after the last newsletter. We felt surrounded by a great cloud of loving witnesses urging us onwards! I (Kevin) am feeling so much improved and better in myself. I appreciate your prayers over the last  months as it has been hard for all of us. I have received a lot of help and support from friends and professionals too. It has been hard but there have been, surprisingly  many good things to have come out of my time of depression. Nicki and I have grown much closer, we have a deeper sense of our calling but most importantly I have been discovering God’s power to support me through a difficult time. I have learned much more about prayer and been gaining better skills in Contemplative prayer which I have found really helpful as a way to deal with depression. I also have a new exercise regime which gives me much energy and helps with sleep. I am now increasing my workload, which is a challenge with all the exercise, prayer and therapy I am taking too!

I also started supporting Centre Culturale Catalpa by teaching a two-hour English Conversation class. This is an outreach of a small church plant in the north-east of Brussels in Laeken. I have known Nat Winston, the pastor, a long time and as he needed a replacement for one of his teachers on maternity leave I thought I could help. I have loved it. There are opportunities for gentle witness from time to time and I really enjoy the teaching. My class of seven local people are a lot of fun and I have learned one or two Belgian customs in return.

Nicki has been hard at work with Alternatives with a steady increase in the number of appointments for pregnant ladies wanting to talk through the options.  “Mothers and babies” meetings continue to be filled to capacity. She has also been working with two new clients who are following the post-abortion counselling programme which will take a number of months.  One of the ladies has an amazing story. “M”, as non-christian, regularly visited the YWAM café in Amsterdam with her partner.  Over many years she got to know the team working there including Marina who was the cook.  They would recommend good beers to include on the menu!  In the meantime Marina and her husband moved to Brussels. Without realising it M also moved to Brussels to a flat opposite the YWAM base!  One day she decided to see what was sold in the Christian bookshop and it happened to be the day Marina was working there.  They recognised each other and had a coffee together.  They began to meet regularly and M wonderfully gave her life to the Lord.  After a while of meeting, M shared for the first time about an abortion she had nearly twenty years ago and how it continues to trouble her deeply.  Marina put her in touch with Brigid and Nicki and they were able to meet and pray with her, starting the counselling programme called “the Journey”.  M is now in the process of returning back to Holland but amazingly a christian counselor has been found to continue the work God has begun and when she was contacted had just finished having “The Journey” translated into Dutch, so was familiar with the material!  God is so good.  Please pray for M and indeed the other client that Nicki and Brigid continues to meet with, that they may find freedom to live life in all it’s fullness. The lady that they took through the programme last year has felt such  a new lease of life she now wants to train up as one of our counsellors too!

As for the rest of the family they are well and healthy. There were a few grumbles going back to school on Monday following the Easter break but that shows what a good time they had at Easter! We spent a wonderful week in Westgate, Kent, (provided by two wonderful supporters – thank you!) in “a house with no stairs!” as the twins put it in wonder! It was, of course, absolutely freezing (see the photo’s of us on the beach!) but we had a great time despite all that. It was just what we needed. The long winter term was a tough one for all. One highlight came at the end when Ellie was singing in her school choir. She had a number of solo’s and brought the house down as Mary Poppins in a French version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Thanks once again for all the prayers and support. Keep praying for us as I certainly recognise a great need to rely on God at the moment.


Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Joshua

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February News from Kevin and Nicki

Josh, Luc and Lulu share a moment

Josh, Luc and Lulu share a moment (click for more)

Dear Friends,

You may have wondered why you have not heard from us for a while. We are sorry for the lack of communication over the last few months but we have not had the best start to this year. Just before Christmas Kevin began to take a severe dip into depression, also experiencing panic attacks. Although having experienced bouts of mild depression over the years I have never seen Kevin at such at all time low and of course it has been hard for us all. The doctor consequently signed Kevin off work throughout January and he began a new course of medication, as well as Christian counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy. We have, however, been able to continue leading the small church plant “Pain et Vin” which has been a source of life and encouragement.

We are thrilled that Kevin is making a good recovery, as well as understanding himself more and some of the complex reasons why he has hit this difficult time. He has worked part-time for the past month, taking up some of his national role again.

It has definitely been a “pit experience” but it has made us ask some hard questions, particularly about our calling. Many of the aspects of the national role has not been easy for Kevin and so we are looking into how some changes can be made to ensure he is working to his strengths and indeed doing what God calls him to do. Of course this whole experience has also made us totally rely on God; we need Him more than ever.

Despite our incredible weakness at this time, God has graciously been doing some good things in our ministries but I will save some of those stories for another time. The nature of newsletters are that you tend to dwell on the positive stories of victory and success. This can often paint an unreal picture of super-Christians soldiering on for the Gospel. We are just a normal family, seeking to serve God, but increasingly aware of our human limitations.

We are so grateful for the support of our good friends around us and without their many prayers it would have been a different story. Thank you to you all. Please continue to pray for Kev’s full recovery. Praise God that the children are doing well despite all this and have really been enjoying Kevin’s presence more. I would also value your prayers as I have continued to lead the ministry of Alternatives throughout this time. I have been very conscious of the support of those on the leadership team who have carried more of the load. Praise God that as a family and couple we are closer than ever to each other and to Him.

Much love and gratefulness
Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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December News

They learn how to make and throw snowballs so young these days!

Click for more!

Dear Friends,

It is my turn (Kevin) to write this month and I wanted to write about the family and tell you something more about “Pain et Vin”, the experimental church plant that Nicki and I have worked on for since the summer.

All of us are well at the moment aside from the winter sniffles and sneezes. Luc and Josh are happy at school. Their french is coming along nicely. Although this is always hard to tell as they, like Ellie before them, refuse to speak french at home. Their worlds are delineated between school and home! They are deeply into craft. Our house is awash with paper cuttings, and all forms of scribbling.

Sam has done well at school and was appreciated in his school play “Bugsy Malone“. He played Doodles and a comic Magician. He had the unique status of receiving the most custard pies in the face of any of the cast! Ellie continues to thrive at her school and always works hard. She has lots of homework which keeps her occupied. She is also a part of the school choir and looks like she will have a solo or two to perform.

Pain et Vin

Every two weeks on a Saturday or Sunday (and sometimes midweek too) we have welcomed people to our house to spend time together, to eat and to share bread and wine in an act of communion. That part is always at the very centre of what we do and keeps the whole time Christ focused and from being more that just a social gathering. We are never sure exactly who will turn up, but we generally have four to six people join us, different all the time! We have a number of international people but best of all we have been joined by one or two Belgians each time.

One such Belgian who has come along is Auguste. He was at a very critical point in his life and by chance (!) met the DTS team who were doing an outreach. In a rather roundabout way they connected him to me. We talked about faith and commitment to Christ and he felt that Pain et Vin might be what he had been looking for. Since then we have spent a lot of time together. It has been a great privilege seeing him respond to Christ. I feel like I have done nothing. Except be available and pray!

Prayer: we really feel the need for prayer in this venture like never before. Please do pray for us and Pain et Vin. We are so keenly aware that we need to see God acting in people’s lives, drawing them to him and changing them. It is not a matter of human persuasion or a nice meal! It is much more. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to  join with us and pray in more detail for Pain et Vin. We will be able to send out smaller prayer bulletins for you. Would you join us? We believe that there is much potential to spread Pain et Vin and to have many more little groups spring up. It seems to really work for people here and we want to see greater depth as well as more people touched. Would you join us?

That is all for this month. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. We pray it will be full of all sorts of surprises!


Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh.

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November Natterings from the Colyers

Kevin leads a devotion with the Western European Leaders

When I (Nicki) reflect back over the last few months since returning from our furlough in the UK I am thrilled at the answers to many prayers. Just before our furlough in the summer the leadership of “Alternatives”, the pregnancy crisis centre was handed over to a team of four of us. I am coordinating the team. It had never been my intention to take on such a responsibility, especially given the pressures of family life, but over the summer God did an amazing thing in my heart as He confirmed that He was with me and would equip me for the role. Over those few months my perspective changed from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling out of my comfort zone but knowing God is with me. I was so encouraged by the rest of the leadership team and feel supported by them. We are increasingly working well as a team and carrying the load together.

Since returning it has been amazing to see how many women God has brought to the centre especially through the Mothers and Babies ministry. Over 60 women have come to one or more of the meetings since September, participated in group discussions on such topics as “Showing love and honour to other” and then left with baby clothes, baby equipment such as cots or buggies, and toys. We continue to be amazed as more women come through the door! However, it does come with some challenges. Many are refugees or have very little income and it can sometimes be hard to make sure those with most need are helped whilst also trying to be fair. We’ve had women fight over buggies and shoes for their children. There is a particular clash of cultures between the many Moroccan women and those from central Africa. We would value your prayers for wisdom in how we can best serve these women without showing favouritism.

Over the last five months, Brigid and I have counselled one client using the post-abortion programme called “The Journey”. At the beginning of the process her answer to what her hopes were for the course was “to be free from guilt”. It has not always been an easy path for her but we are thrilled that God is indeed leading her to a place of freedom. She will finish in just a few more sessions but please pray for her (I will call her E) that she continues to have a deeper understanding of the God of incredible grace and compassion.

In Belgium alone last year there were 19,000 abortions, we are aware that other women including many in the wider church, are carrying guilt and shame and do not find a safe and secure environment to talk about it. We are aiming to start a post-abortion counselling group in the new year so please pray for us as we set this up, that God leads the right women to us.

The one weak area of the ministry at the moment has been the decline in appointments for pregnancy tests. Consequently we have worked hard on rethinking our publicity strategy. We fresh ideas for where to advertise and have new designs for our posters and fliers which we have distributed to clinics, schools, other organisation. In January we will have 160 adverts in the metro stations throughout the city. Kevin is also working on a new web site design for us. Please pray that women are drawn to the new publicity and our appointments rise again. When you consider the statistics we are so aware we are just touching the surface of the issue here and we feel God has always called us to go much deeper.

Until next time,

Nicki, Kevin, Sam,Ellie, Josh and Luc


  • November 6-8: Kevin on retreat in Kent
  • November 27: YWAM Board meeting – extraordinary to approve building renovation re-mortgage.
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September News from Kevin and Nicki

Dear Friends,

More photos here

I noticed with shock that some of the leaves in the park are starting to turn yellow. How quickly summer can fade away. We enjoyed seeing so many of you over the weeks we spent in England. I really hope we can catch up with those we missed in the coming months.

When we got back to Brussels we dived into the hectic world of the Vacation Bible School. I was leading the main sessions from the front, Nicki was leading a “crew” of five children, Sam was a teenage helper, Ellie a crew member and Luc and Josh kept the crèche workers from falling asleep! We all loved it. Sam and Ellie helped me write a puppet sketch for each day to help test Bible verses. Sam played one puppet and Sarah played the other (Sarah is from the Link too). What fun. Have a look on my other blog for a video clip and the scripts too.

Presenting the theme of Trusting God for each day and then summarising and bringing the whole lot together at the close of the day was fun and exhilarating. So many kids met God in fresh ways (120 in total!) The 37 teenage helpers got a huge boost too. Boy, were we tired. We managed to squeeze just enough energy to lead a giving project for Mission Aviation Fellowship that our friend Mike was leading. There was truly hilarious giving as the kids lined up to fly Euro notes through hoops! We raised 1,800 euros in total, 900 in just one morning!

Getting back to school and work could well have been a big anti-climax but it has gone remarkably well. All the kids are happy in their schools and have adapted back with ease. Nicki has picked up with her “Alternatives” team that is growing well in confidence and building in energy.  More about “Alternatives” in the next letter…

For me the best moment has been the first “Pain et Vin” of the season last Saturday. We invited a number of people round for a simple meal and shared bread and wine with them. This was much more a Belgian time as Miriam our rather eccentric rabbit sitting neighbour came and Patrick, Louise’s partner too. So there was a French and English mix which led to some hilarious moments when Louise wanted to read out a passage from Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy that she knew in Swedish to a largely French-speaking group!

Following that we had an intimate moment of sharing bread and wine. The evening finished late but with a deep sense of friendship. Patrick took part – something he has felt reluctant to do. Later Miriam called to say she had not taken communion in 19 years!

It has left us stunned and yet thrilled to see that we can help people re-encounter God in a relevant way. We have a lot of distance to go to see something established that will be of increasing help to many. Please pray. We are not certain of direction but we aware of Jesus’ presence guiding us along!


Kevin, Nicki, Sam Ellie, Luc and Josh

Diary Dates

  • 23 September – Nicki is speaking at YWAM Brussels Open evening – all welcome 19h30 at akaZOE bar on Keltenlaan.
  • 1-5 October – Kevin in Malaga for YWAM Western Europe leadership meetings
  • 22 – 30 October – Kevin helping with Kairos course on DTS in Brussels.
  • 6-8 November – Kevin on retreat in England
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June News from the Colyers in Brussels

Dear Friends,

(click for more photos)

Last time Nicki wrote about the work with Alternatives. This month it is my turn (Kevin) to write about what I have done.  For all of us it has been a full month. The kids have just finished school (all have had great years). Both of our language courses have come to an end (with great success too). We have had lots of wonderful guests to stay. We have completely rearranged our house and we even squeezed in a camping weekend with the Link – and we were not rained upon! So we are feeling very much in need of our summer break.

The YWAM leadership in Brussels has now been passed to Jorien Creemers. She is a dynamic and energetic Flemish Belgian. YWAM is doing well under her leadership and the team around her. I am feeling the benefit of this as fewer problems come my way!

Pain et Vin

Pain et Vin prayer time

As mentioned in earlier e-mails I have explored the concept of  church planting. In particular I am asking what does a genuine Christian community look like in modern Belgium, for people for whom the existing church does not attract? After talking and praying with various Belgians and others with a similar heart we  have started to experiment with simple gatherings.

Pain et Vin is very simple. We meet, share the communion meal together very informally, discuss and listen to each other. We have mostly met in the park. Amazingly the rain has held off.  With the help of a few YWAM colleagues and friends we have started on this journey together and just going to see what happens.

For those who are exploring faith in Christ is seems to have had a powerful impact. One person taking bread and wine in the park said “I would never take it in a church building”. Other people were touched by how powerfully present Christ is and how simple it can really be.  It brings me alive, even when it has just been two of us meeting.

Other interesting things

Maryna from the YWAM team partnered with the European Evangelical Alliance for the launch of The Global Charter of Conscience.It is a fascinating and powerful document with a positive vision for how people of differing beliefs can live well together with freedom and respect. Have a look. I think you will hear more about it soon.

I have also had a lot of fun working with wider YWAM teams and we have just launched Incarnational Graffiti. It is an online magazine by YWAM for ourselves and anyone living and working in urban Europe who long to make a difference where they are for God. We aim to release a couple of articles a week. Have a look and subscribe!


So we are now close to the point of departing for the UK for an extended visit of five weeks. We are looking forward so much to meeting as many of you as possible. We will be doing some speaking and hosting a few evenings to share more about what is happening. See you soon! Whilst we are travelling we will be using our English mobile number: 07967 105273 if you want to find us!

So see you soon!

Love, Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh


  • Eastbourne – 12th July
  • Plymouth – 13th till 23rd
  • Stroud – 24th – 4th August
  • Cheshire (after a few days with family in the Lake District) – 6th – 9th August
  • Norfolk holiday – 10th – 18th
  • Back home on the 19th
  • Vacation Bible School 20th – 24th – Nicki: leading team of kids, Kevin: main session leading, Sam: junior helper, Ellie: punter, Luc and Josh: Infant punters
  • School Re-starts!
  • Kevin to YWAM’s Global Leadership Gathering in Harpenden, UK: 2nd – 9th September