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What do we do?

We live and work here. Our building is east of the city centre but very central. This is the back.Update coming soon!

Have you ever found yourself asking what do Kevin and Nicki do all day? Well expect to be de-mystified (a little!) here. From week to week things change a lot and there are always extra projects or conferences or visits we need to run or make.


Nicki works for YWAM mostly Tuesday to Thursday, till 3pm when she collects the kids from school (although now with the twins she is working only Thursdays). However many little jobs or appointments happen at other times (especially evenings) depending on availability. The other part of her time is full-time parenting!

  • Tuesday: Staff meeting from 9 till 11.30. We have a general meeting first then after a break take time to worship together and pray for world issues. Often Nicki will be leading a part of these or all of these times.
  • Wednesday:Nicki is a part of the leadership team of the centre here and meets with Kevin, Sheila and Steve from 9.30 till 11.30 before leaving to pick up Ellie who has a half-day at school each Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Nicki runs Mamans et Bébés and Mamans et Bébés Plus alternately and fortnightly. In between groups she has a lot of preparation work and tries to develop the ministry.

When she has space in her program she is busy with other duties from the Base Leadership meeting, her oversight of Personnel, organising hospitality  or in Pastoral meetings. She rarely has a free moment.


Kevin has the luxury of working a full week and tends to have lots of smaller tasks on the go. Kevin has to:

  • Is the National Leader for YWAM Belgium
  • He ensures the spiritual direction and pastoral oversight of YWAM goes well.
  • He is very much involved in recruiting people to come and work or study. This involves many emails and telephone calls.
  • He networks with local pastors and other groups.
  • Teaches and trains when he has opportunity (and likes to think he can do so in French!)
  • He is developing a training website for YWAM, the YWAM KnowledgeBase, with a virtual international team.
  • He tries to encourage small teams of YWAMers who go to new cities to set up work there.
  • He is part of another virtual team using their creative skills to inspire others to get involved in urban missions work. This is called Incarnational Graffiti.

As National leader he has to draw the key team leaders together, develop the National work, cover the general running of the association (charity) and represent YWAM to external bodies and at international leadership meetings (fortunately a number of these are in Malaga where the Western European Co-ordinator lives!)

We hope that this will give you a clearer idea of what we do – although we are too busy really and need some full time people around us to share the leadership and management of the centre. (For example building maintenance – there are many small jobs and larger projects which we need others to help with) There are so many areas of development, training and spiritual leadership that we would like to do but pressed by other operational and management functions. These are important but we can see scope for delegating them!

At the weekends we are deeply involved in the Link, an Anglican church plant which we helped launch and grow! Phew!

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